Psychedelic '60s Selfie Button

Psychedelic '60s Selfie Button

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Psychedelic '60s Selfie Buttons 

We are recognizing the '60s generation! Do you have a picture of yourself or maybe your mom in the '60s? Digitize it and send it to us and we'll make it into a groovy Psychedelic '60s Selfie Button for you.  Psychedelic '60s Selfie Buttons will also be displayed on the ceiling of the Magic Bus and on our Magic Bus website at the '60s Button Museum page. (with your approval of course).  Send '60s selfie to : Please share below! 

This is a real tin button in the classic style with wire hook clasp. 2 1/4" diameter. Solid construction. Handmade in California.  

concept and design by Chris Hardman, c. 2016, Antenna Theater