About us

Many people that ride our Magic Bus like to dress up and otherwise get in the spirit of the '60s. So we decided to start an online store - the HIP E Store - to provide various sundry artifacts for our intrepid travelers  and then realized that maybe even YOU  - who might not be in San Francisco waiting for the arrival of our Magic Bus - might be interested in some of these various items.


So who are we?


Since 1980 Antenna Theater has been producing unique theatrical events and adventures most often in and around San Francisco.  Our most recent creation is the Magic Bus, yes, a truly Magic Bus filled with mini video projectors, an awesome sound system and all sorts of theatrical dramatics.  Check out the Magic Bus at: www.magicbussf.com    So the Magic Bus drives around the city of San Francisco and at times it's a mobile movie theater and then the curtains rise and viola! we're in another part of the city-  North Beach or Haight Ashbury!  Did I mention that the subject of the Magic Bus is the '60s... the Summer of LOVE... in San Francisco?